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Vitamins that can protect cognition in an aging brain

Published : 06/21/2016 11:55:20
Categories : Healthy Aging

Vitamins that can protect cognition in an aging brain

Loss of memory and cognition is one of the chief fears of people entering old age, but as research into the subject advances, scientists are finding that nutrition plays a more important role in memory loss than ever thought possible. According to the New York Times, including a few specific nutrients can reduce a person’s chances of cognitive decline.

Researchers at the Oregon Health and Science University found that omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin D and vitamin E all play important roles in improving mental function. Luckily, many of these nutrients can be found in standard multivitamins, so it’s not that big of a lifestyle change for aging individuals.

On the other hand, the researchers found that subjects that had higher levels of trans fats in their blood had significantly impaired mental ability and brain volume as a result of their diet. Simply put, it seems that eating healthy holds innumerable benefits for those entering their golden years.

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