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Tips for lowering your high cholesterol levels

Published : 07/03/2016 11:54:43
Categories : Omega Fish Oils

Tips for lowering your high cholesterol levels

High cholesterol is a condition that affects nearly 42 million Americans and it could lead to health problems down the road if it’s not kept under control. Cholesterol is divided into LDL (the bad) and HDL (the good) and is found in many common foods. Luckily, a change in diet and increased physical activity can help to make this a thing of the past, according to

Start by joining a gym. This can help to get your blood flowing, relieve stress and help you feel a lot better about yourself. Regular physical activity can help to lower your levels of LDL cholesterol and it can actually help the body create more HDL which can improve your overall health.

Most importantly, a change in diet is needed to reduce your cholesterol levels. Avoid fatty foods, meats and dairy products which could contribute to higher levels. Heart-healthy foods like fish, nuts, oats and soy are fabulous additions that can help to help keep your weight at a normal level and support a number of important physiological functions.

Taking a fish oil capsule daily can also drastically reduce your cholesterol levels. Clinician’s Choice Optimal Omega-3 Fish Oil can help mitigate the risk of cardiovascular disease and support your body’s immune system.

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