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Steady middle age fitness levels can help to reduce menopausal symptoms in women

Published : 05/15/2016 11:52:24
Categories : Menopause Supplements

Steady middle age fitness levels can help to reduce menopausal symptoms in women

Ladies who are entering middle age will have to deal with the many side effects that come with menopause, and they can be quite taxing for some individuals. However, according to recent research from the University of Ottawa, researchers have found that women with higher fitness levels and healthy weights are less likely to experience excessive weight gain and cardiovascular risk, according to

The study followed 102 healthy pre-menopausal women in the Canadian capitol for five years. While some of the ladies did report weight gain as a result of menopause, the study participants who maintained a regular fitness plan and healthy eating habits did not experience cardiac or metabolic decline during the early stages.

While fat has an ability to relocate itself and become “visceral fat” around the organs during menopause, these study participants found that their regular healthy habits helped to stem some of the dangerous side effects that may come with this middle-age transitional period.

If you’re worried about receiving proper nutrition in the future, taking a menopause supplement like Clinician’s Choice Menopause Guardian could be a wise choice. These well-rounded vitamins are filled with beneficial nutrients that will reduce the frequency and severity of menopausal symptoms and provide superior nutrition for middle-aged women.

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