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Smoking increases the risk of the early arrival of menopause

Published : 05/14/2016 11:51:32
Categories : Healthy Aging , Healthy Living , Menopause Supplements , Womens Health

Smoking increases the risk of the early arrival of menopause

If you’re a middle-aged, female smoker who’s worried about how menopause will change your life, you should throw that butt in the ashtray right now. In a recent large-scale meta-analysis done by researchers in China of 11 separate studies, they found that smoking significantly contributes to early natural menopause, according to

While the results of these studies varied, the researchers believe that there is a significant correlation between the onset of menopause and a long-term smoking habit. Along with the many health risks that go along with smoking, this is yet another one to add to the list.

Women who are concerned about menopause should explore their options when they enter middle age. Taking a regular multivitamin, like Clinician’s Choice Menopause Guardian, could be a wise choice. This supplement is formulated with a wide range of vitamins and minerals meant to reduce menopausal symptoms.

Most importantly, quitting smoking is quite possibly one of the best things a woman can do for her health. This will allow the body’s normal physiological functions to go as planned and reduce a person’s risk of heart disease, lung cancer, emphysema and countless other maladies.

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