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Seeing more moustaches lately? It's Movember!

Published : 11/02/2015 11:50:42
Categories : Prostate Health

Seeing more moustaches lately? It's Movember!

While breast cancer receives a majority of the country's attention during the month of October, prostate cancer patients and advocates aren't keen to rest on their laurels during November. Movember, a prostate cancer awareness movement, has spread worldwide and encourages men to grow moustaches to start conversations about the importance of prostate cancer screenings and other men's health issues, according to the Vancouver Sun.

The people who support the Movember movement call themselves “Mo Bros” and “Mo Sistas” and even ladies have gotten in on the act by wearing fake moustaches. The charity has raised millions of dollars worldwide and has shed light on the importance of early detection.

“Most men don't chat about their health or get checkups, so they don't catch it in the early stages. By growing moustaches, men essentially become walking, talking billboards for men's health,” Jesse Haymen, community development manager for Movember Canada, told the news source.

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