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Prenatal vitamins can help women who are trying to conceive

Published : 07/09/2016 11:47:17
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Prenatal vitamins can help women who are trying to conceive

In a recent study conducted by the University College of London, it was found that women who were trying to conceive a baby through IVF and failed saw their chances drastically improve when taking prenatal vitamins, according to

“There is a large body of evidence establishing the relationship between placental development, fetal growth, pregnancy outcomes and adequate nutrition, particularly vitamin intake,” Dr. Rina Agarwal, the lead researcher for the study, told the news source.

The study followed 56 women between the ages of 18 and 40 and was divided into groups taking multi-nutrient supplements, while the other was simply given folic acid supplements. After a significant period of time, the women taking multivitamins succeeded in conceiving a baby 60 percent of the time, while only 25 percent of the ladies taking folic acids supplements were successful.

Prenatal vitamins are becoming a major aspect of pre and postnatal support, so consider Clinician’s Choice Prenatal Multi. It is formulated with a wide range of essential nutrients that can meet a mother and child’s unique nutritional needs.

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