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Popcorn can be an effective means of improving your antioxidant intake

Published : 04/05/2016 11:27:35
Categories : Antioxidant Supplements

Popcorn can be an effective means of improving your antioxidant intake

While you may think of popcorn as a movie theatre staple and not a regular factor in your everyday routine, recent research suggests you should be eating a lot more of it! According to Time magazine, popcorn is a great snack food that is rich in polyphenols, which are known to combat cancer and provide a good source of fiber.

Unlike fruits and vegetables, which dilute many of these polyphenols due to their high water content, popcorn is only four percent water and will trap many of these antioxidants inside, reports

While the healthiest popcorn out there is free of artificial butter and salt, you can still spruce it up with a few healthy twists. Consider topping it with olive oil and parmesan cheese, or spice it up with a touch of cayenne pepper and hot sauce. The possibilities are endless and you can reap the food's healthy benefits in the process.

Of course, if you're interested in improving your intake of these important substances, antioxidant supplements may be the right choice. Clincian's Choice Optimal Antioxidants is formulated with a whole day's worth of antioxidants to help fight the effects of free radicals which contribute to the signs of aging.

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