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Nanotechnology providing breakthroughs in prostate cancer treatment

Published : 01/10/2016 11:40:30
Categories : Prostate Health

Nanotechnology providing breakthroughs in prostate cancer treatment

Chemotherapy has been the primary means of treating malignant cancers for decades, but doctors have always been stuck with the problem of certain cancer cells that won't accept the drugs. According to, scientists at Brigham and Women's Hospital have used nanotechnology to deliver chemotherapy drugs directly to prostate cancer cells to eliminate them.

According to the Center for Responsible Nanotechnology, the practice refers to the direct engineering of functional systems at a cellular or molecular level. Essentially, it refers to building things from the bottom up, and this is especially intriguing in cancer treatment where certain drugs can be programmed to attack specific cells.

“In this study we developed a unique strategy that enables the nanoparticles to specifically target and efficiently be engulfed into any desired types and sub-types of cancer cells, even if their cancer markers are unknown,” Zeyu Xiao, a BWH researcher, told the news source.

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