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Making man food heart healthy

Published : 06/12/2016 11:54:00
Categories : Healthy Heart

Making man food heart healthy

Men have an interesting dilemma on their hands as they enter middle age – many of their favorite foods that they loved eating in their mid-20s are now frowned upon by their doctors so it can be difficult to find a happy medium. Luckily, there are some methods to enjoy your favorite foods while cutting out excess fats.

Pizza is a staple of every man’s diet, but the ingredients involved and portion control can be a big issue. Instead of using plain old dough, opt for whole wheat tandoori naan bread. This is lacking refined flour that can cause calories to add up and is small enough to limit how much a person eats. Sprinkle on a bit of low-fat cheese and some veggies and you’re good to go.

Burgers are another tasty man treat, but ground beef is filled with hidden fats. Ground turkey mixed with chopped up veggies is a great alternative. It will taste great mixed in with a blend of herbs and spices, or with a dash of barbecue sauce.

If you’re worried about your heart health, taking a vitamin supplement such as Clinician’s Choice Cardio Guardian could be a step in the right direction. It can help reduce your cholesterol levels and risk of cardiovascular disease.

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