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Groundbreaking prostate exam could prevent future biopsies

Published : 12/05/2015 11:51:02
Categories : Prostate Health

Groundbreaking prostate exam could prevent future biopsies

A new form of prostate cancer exam could change the fortunes of many potential patients in the near future. According to, the new test will able to separate a true negative biopsy from those who may have cancer cells that go undetected during the biopsy and histopathologic review stages.

The new test will allow doctors to test the epigenetic changes that occur inside of cancer-related genes to give them a better sense of how the disease could develop. Initial findings have been promising, and if the current data was expanded into a larger study, the results suggest that 30 percent of men could have been spared another biopsy after their initial negative procedure.

While these studies show that cancer testing has come a long way, it is all for naught if men don't take the disease seriously. Starting prostate exams during middle age is vital for the early detection of the disease.

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