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Fish oil and exercise could revitalize older muscles

Published : 06/18/2016 11:46:17
Categories : Omega Fish Oils

Fish oil and exercise could revitalize older muscles

A recent study from California State University in Fresno has found that women in their 60s who take fish oil capsules and start a strength training plan report that their overall muscle strength is much greater than those on placebos. According to, these results are still in their early phases, but they could be yet another benefit to the omega-3 rich fish oil capsules.

Of course, one of the main problems of the experiment is measuring relative levels of strength between different individuals, so scientists caution those who are starting a strength training plan to check with their doctors first.

The researchers already know that fish oil can improve nerve function and therefore strengthen the heart muscle's ability to contract. Therefore, they believe that fish oil could have similar effects on muscles responding to strengthening exercises.

While the jury is still out on this study, adding fish oil to your diet is a decision that carries innumerable benefits. Clinician's Choice Optimal Omega-3 Fish Oil can help reduce your cholesterol levels and your risk of cardiovascular disease.

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