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Fighting the skin symptoms a woman may face during menopause

Published : 06/25/2016 11:45:01
Categories : Menopause Supplements

Fighting the skin symptoms a woman may face during menopause

Most ladies are familiar with the hot flashes that accompany the worst periods of menopause, but many aren’t aware of the skin issues that could arise from hormones being out of balance. One morning you could wake up with oily, acne-stricken skin while on another it could be dry and dehydrated. Luckily, there are a few methods to keep these skin issues under control.

First and foremost, skin health is a direct indicator of your overall nutrition, so if you haven’t been eating the best diet lately, now is the time to change it up. Insist on good lifestyle choices by eating more natural and less processed foods. These added vitamins and minerals can work wonders for the look of your skin.

After a few months of dealing with symptoms, you can start to get a handle on how your skin will react to your bodily changes. Start each morning by exfoliating your skin to remove any excess dirt and oil, while using a gentle moisturizer to exfoliate your face. By nurturing your body inside and out, you can have a better handle on the many symptoms of menopause.

Taking a regular multivitamin can also help stymie the side effects of menopause, so consider Clinician’s Choice Menopause Guardian. This supplement is formulated with a wide range of vitamins and minerals that are proven to reduce the frequency of your menopausal symptoms.

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