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Begin your family planning with prenatal vitamins

Published : 05/23/2016 11:40:07
Categories : Prenatal Vitamin , Womens Health

Begin your family planning with prenatal vitamins

One of the biggest changes in the family planning field over the past few decades has been the widespread use of prenatal vitamins. These multivitamins have become wildly popular and have been proven to lower the risk of birth defects and provide optimal nutrition for both mother and child.

However, not all prenatal vitamins are created equal and there are a few key nutrients that you should look out for. According to the Naperville Sun, folate (or folic acid) is a must-have ingredient in your vitamins. This helps to stimulate the growth of healthy tissues and cells can can prevent neural tube defects (NTDs) like spinal bifida and anencephaly.

In addition to seeking out this nutrient in vitamin form, expecting mothers should change their diets to include more folate. Foods like leafy green vegetables, lentils, green beans, oranges and orange juice are tasty options that are a fabulous source of the nutrient.

When you’re searching for prenatal vitamins, be sure to check out Clinician’s Choice Prenatal Multi. This supplement is formulated with nutrients like calcium and folic acids to aid the growth of your new bundle of joy.

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