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An antioxidant-rich diet could reduce stroke risk in women

Published : 07/08/2016 11:21:57
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An antioxidant-rich diet could reduce stroke risk in women

A recent study out of Sweden has produced hopeful findings for women who have embraced an antioxidant-rich diet for its numerous health benefits. According to WebMD, eating a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains can drastically reduce the risk of stroke in women, even if they have a family history of heart disease.

“Most stroke specialists do recommend eating more fruits, more vegetables, more omega-3 fatty acids, more nuts, and less saturated fat,” Michael J. Katsnelson, director of stroke services at University of Miami Hospital, told the news source. “The study is interesting and promising, but it needs to be replicated in other populations and men.”

The researchers grouped together 31,035 without heart disease and 5,680 women with a history of heart disease and measured the amount of antioxidant-rich foods they ate. The results showed that women with a family history of heart disease or stroke who ate the most antioxidant-rich foods were 45 percent less likely to experience a stroke.

While the proper diet can certainly go a long way, adding an antioxidant supplement such as Clinician’s Choice Optimal Antioxidants can improve your overall health and help to fight the effects of aging caused by free radicals.

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