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Alternative methods of relieving menopausal symptoms

Published : 05/24/2016 11:38:20
Categories : Healthy Aging , Menopause Supplements , Womens Health

Alternative methods of relieving menopausal symptoms

Menopause is a natural transition and thus it isn’t considered to be a disease or illness, but this nuance of terminology doesn’t change the fact that the process can come with some very real and disruptive side effects.

Women who are going through “the change” often experience hot flashes, trouble sleeping and a sense of sadness or loss due to fluctuating hormone levels. Although there are a few remedies that doctors can prescribe, nearly all of them come with side effects of their own, including some daunting potential outcomes such as increased cancer risk.

In order to avoid compromising other aspects of their health, many individuals decide to rely on alternative means of relief. Some steps that ladies can take revolve around lifestyle changes such as avoiding caffeine and strenuous exercise right before bed, not smoking, eating a balanced diet and avoiding hot flash triggers like spicy food, hot weather and alcohol.

Several foods have naturally occurring phytoestrogens that can offer some relief as well. Menopause Guardian by Clinician’s Choice features concentrated amounts of these substances to provide substantial treatment of the most uncomfortable symptoms. Several of the ingredients, including black cohosh and isoflavones from soybeans, have been used by European women going through menopause for years.

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